Welcome and thank you for choosing Uyghurtranslator.com

We are a new born native Uyghur translators' union founded in November, 2011 on the initiative of our translator in chief who has more than 11 years experience of translating from and into Uyghur.

We are based in France, specialized in Uyghur language translation, interpretation and software localization.

Whether you need to translate a single page, a thick user manual, a presentation for a conference or anything else, we provide high quality, fast and confidential translation services from and into Uyghur.


  • Software localization
  • Text, video, audio translation
  • Proofreading
  • Interpretation (remote or face-to-face)
  • Video, audio transcription
  • Transliteration (Arabic Script Uyghur -- Latin Script Uyghur -- Cyrillic Script Uyghur)

CAT tools: OmegaT, Localization Studio, Microsoft LEAF, own software

Language pairs:

  • English to Uyghur
  • Uyghur to English
  • French to Uyghur
  • Uyghur to French
  • Chinese to Uyghur
  • Uyghur to Chinese
  • Other languages to Uyghur (please contact us)
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